domingo, 24 de mayo de 2009

Bury Your Dead - "It´s Nothing Personal" (2009)


Dicen de ellos:
Having just completed an Australian national tour last March the groundwork has been well and truly laid for Bury Your Dead to unleash their latest offering to our ever growing metalcore and hardcore chapters across Australia.
Although "It's Nothing Personal" is the band's fifth record, the momentum is still climbing for them. They have toured with some of metal's greatest heroes and have become one of the most important metal bands of the decade. "It's Nothing Personal" will seal the deal for this hardworking band and turn them into the metal titans they were destined to be. Their rigorous touring and destructive live performances have placed them at the top of the metal/hardcore mountain and they are ready to rule the land with "It's Nothing Personal".
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Origen: EE.UU.
Genero: New School Hardcore/Groove Metal
Fecha de lanzamiento: 26/05/09
Formato: MP3
Tamaño: 87,393 KB (.rar)
Calidad: VBR (promedio: 224 KBps)
01. Hurting Not Helping (4:10)
02. Without You (4:38)
03. Broken Body (4:30)
04. The Great Demonizer (3:48)
05. Dead End Lovesong (4:42)
06. Swan Song (3:59)
07. Lakota (3:01)
08. The Forgotten (4:21)
09. Lion's Den (4:28)
10. Legacy of Ashes (4:28)
11. Closed Eyes (4:50)
12. Enough (1:32)
Duración: 48min 27seg

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  1. me llevo este ya que tengo un dvd y me gusto !!!! graciassssss !!!